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The Talentindex

Talentindex helps you benefit more from talent

Talentindex helps organizations to benefit more from talent by recognising and harnessing talent. The online assessments by Talentindex offer HR managers more in-depth insight into the organisation: Where is the talent? Who makes a difference? Why does one team do better than another? Which combination of talents works best?

Manage your own online assessment

Talentindex enables organizations to obtain scientific psychological knowledge by using their own online assessment platforms. Talentindex distinguishes itself from others in the same game by not only offering organizations insight and a comprehensive view into the individual qualities of people but also in those of teams, job categories and organization divisions. Talentindex enables HR to offer the organization continuity by clearly and comprehensively highlighting all the processes involving selection, development and mobility.

Reliable and innovative

HFMtalentindex was founded in 1997 by its current board of management and is a leading player in Talent Assessment, Talent Development, Talent Performance and Talent Analytics. HFMtalentindex is renowned for its innovations in HR. Our own R&D department constantly applies the latest scientific insights to improve assessments which will expand your knowledge of your people’s qualities with valid and innovative tools. Our clients operate in various sectors of industry and conduct over 300,000 assessments per year in Western Europe and South Africa using HFMtalentindex. The 3,500 HR managers who use HFMtalentindex on a daily basis show their appreciation by giving us an average score of 8.9 out of ten.