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Strategic Humor: Cartoons from the November 2013 Issue

Geplaatst op okt 16, 2013 in News

Enjoy these cartoons from the November issue of HBR, and test your management wit in the HBR Cartoon Caption Contest at the bottom of this post. If we choose your caption as the winner, you will be featured in next month’s magazine and win a free Harvard Business Review Press book.

1 Nov13 PC Vey (web)

“I have the preliminary report on interesting things to look for in the building across the street.”

PC Vey

 Grayscale Line

2 Nov13 Randy Glasbergen (web)

“I’d like to start out as CEO and then settle into a lower position once my student loans are paid off.”

Randy Glasbergen

Grayscale Line

3 Nov13 Paul Wood (web)

“This had better be good.”

Paul Wood

Grayscale Line

4 Nov13 Michael Shaw (web)

“It’s always sad when senior management beaches itself.”

Michael Shaw

Grayscale Line

5 Nov13 HL Schwadron (web)

“We just need to make sure you didn’t take it with you.”

Harley Schwadron

Grayscale Line

6 Nov13 Bob Vojtko (web)

“What’s the advancement program here other than waiting for someone to die?”

Bob Vojtko

Grayscale Line

7 Nov13 PC Vey (web)

“My media strategy has always been to go home and watch TV.”

PC Vey

Grayscale Line

And congratulations to our October caption contest winner, Eugene Evon of Novato, California. Here’s his winning caption:

8 Nov13 Paul Kales (web)

“IT really failed us with these new keyboards.”

Cartoonist: Paul Kales

Grayscale Line

Enter your own caption for this cartoon in the comments field below — you could be featured in next month’s magazine and win a free book. To be considered for the prize, please submit your caption by Monday, October 21, 2013.

9 Nov13 Susan Camilleri Konar (web)

Cartoonist: Susan Camilleri Konar

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