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Management Pro: Pesten en leiderschap mag geen “Handel” zijn (of worden).

Geplaatst op okt 3, 2016 in News

In het najaar van 2010 deelde ik mijn verdriet en teleurstelling over leiders met een Nederlandse topbestuurder. Zijn reactie:

“Beste Koos,

Leadership is difficult! You get knocked over by the mediocre, by the fearful, by the egocentrics, by the power hungry, by those who do not know, by the jealous, etc. etc.
 For leaders to sustain themselves they should always be able to live from the “Inside-Out”. Stay connected to Go(o)d and use the strength of Go(o)d and your strength.
 This world needs people like you that are willing to dedicate their lives to the good of others. Nothing changes in this world for the better without people like you, working their way through complicated roadblocks, speaking out in public in what they believe in, seeking ways of mobility the right stories, inspiring people to think differently and people willing to get knocked over by those that feel threatened.

 Koos, you are a great soul. Do not get knocked over by the petty behaviors of some.  Continue to serve in a manner that is you and the world will be served and you will be a happy man.
Lots of love. XYZ.” Einde bericht.)

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